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Gain the essential statutory maritime qualifications and knowledge required by all maritime professionals on commercial motor and sail vessels over 15m.

Course Overview

This course provides hospitality professionals the opportunity to gain the required maritime skills which employers on large yacht will require of all staff above and below decks, including the MCA STCW95 Basic Training.

Pre-requisite experience: none

Duration: 10 Days


  • Gain basic rib / tender driving and ship-to-shore communication skills
  • Ensure your knowledge of basic first aid is up-to-date before you go to sea
  • Learn how to employ advanced survival techniques at sea
  • Gain firefighting and fire safety knowledge and skills


RYA Short Range Radio

This one-day course is a mixture of theory and practical sessions. The course introduces you to the use of a marine VHF radio equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) facility. The course aims to give you the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively on a VHF radio and covers everything from basic controls to making Mayday distress calls. You should prepare for this course by learning the phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta etc.)

RYA Powerboat Level 2

This two-day course will teach you safe driving and handling skills for small motor craft. The course covers theory and practical work including launching and recovery, boat handling under way (including high speed), anchoring, coming alongside, man overboard, disabled craft, leaving and returning to pontoons, basic navigation, collision prevention regulations, boat design engines and drives.

STCW95 Basic Training, comprising of the following modules:

MCA Personal Safety and Social Responsibility This one-day theory-based course gives basic induction training in safety procedures and accident prevention, familiarising new seafarers with employment and working conditions aboard.

MCA Elementary First Aid

A training course for seafarers which gives an understanding and basic competence in immediate lifesaving and first aid skills.

MCA Personal Survival Techniques

This course covers the types and use of survival equipment, survival theory, preparation for survival and search and rescue. This course is part theory, and part practical accident simulation in the pool.

MCA Basic Firefighting and Fire Prevention

This three-day course deals with the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fires aboard ship, the way in which fires are caused and the first means of extinguishing them. The course includes practical training in the use of fire fighting equipment, and the use of breathing apparatus for fire fighting and rescue.

Notes 1. This course is very physical. You will be wearing a full set of heat resistant clothing including a thick balaclava. By the end of the day you will be covered it dust and soot, so please bring a complete change of clothes for each day of the course. CAUTION - This course contains some exercises that are physically demanding. Any candidate unsure of their fitness for such activities should consult their GP.

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